We caught up with nik for an exclusive interview, check it below …

Hows it going Nik, happy new year congratulations on being named to C-USA All-Academic Team

good as always, hah ur makin this up as u go?



your from auckland, new zealand, how do you feel living away from home far from friends and family ?


I’ve moved around a lot and spent a lot of time traveling. its got to the point where I relish meeting new people and starting new relationships. If im close to the people i leave behind i know ill always be able to go back to those relationships

what has been the lowest point of your journey so far, and how did you overcome?

The lowest point was when i went to europe the first time for trials. I tried to go a few places in around london and some contacts let me down. I picked up a nasty red card while on trial with chelmsford city and couldnt play for a month. i ended up with a job trying to make enough money to get home not being able to play the game i love. that was 3 years ago and i rebuilt and kept the dream alive of playing since then

what has been the highlight so far and why ?
highlights were playing for the u20 national team before comming to the US. Getting a scholarship and being able to move to orlando to play and study at one of the countries up and comming colleges in the ncaa was another big achievement. last years season where i was ranked nationally for goals and assists was the start of what I hope are big things for me.

any plans on playing in europe soon?
Playing in europe professionally is always on my mind. i have a british passport so its a matter of developing as much as i can in the american system before i pick my moment to go to the next level.

how blessed do you feel to be given the number 10 shirt?
i was lucky to get it because a lot of players left when i came and we were rebuilding. but now the team has its own identity. the number 10 shirt has a lot of history but im trying to do something new

What does being a star player mean to you?

being a star player is being one of the most important parts of a squad but every part cant be done without
who has been your top 3 influences / inspirators, inside and out of football?

top 3 influences is tough because i model a lot of successful people…
i love to watch players like robben, messi ronaldo and nasri week in week out because they play in the areas of the park i do
people outside of football like 2pac, anthony robbins and bruce lee provide inspiration for my way of life

if you werent playing football what would you be doing ?

if i wasnt playing football i have no idea where i would be. its taken me around the world and given me so many experiences, id be a different person, i may have got into music, boxing or maybe one of those artsy people who writes about everything?
haha i dunno


finally what does the future hold short term and long …


short term im settled in here at UCF. Our team is doing big things on the national stage now so the goal is to win a national championship. The goal for me is 20 goals, 15 assists… Long term I hope for that to propell me to a professional contract. either here in the US or somewhere overseas,


Ultimately i want to be on a stage where i can help others achieve their goals.
thats what drives me
way to put me on the spot haha!

Good luck with that bro, thank you for your time.
check the following link for more on nik robson.



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