All Stars Boxing Gym X Star Player Promotions

From now on you will be kept up to date on all of the All star boxing gym news and events via . We are planning some joint ventures as we speak and it is a great honour to be a part of something which has helped shaped many peoples lives in a positive way.

Since being established in 1974 the All Stars Boxing Club has become an institution within the local community, embodying the skill, disclipine and comradery which is essential in team boxing.  The club has produced champions on a regional, national and international level and continues to increase its reputation within the boxing world.  However, aside from its sporting accolades, the club has managed to achieve another great success that came about as a product of its’ existence.

Although creating a competitive boxing squad was the initial goal of founder Isola Akay MBE, something else was realised whilst on this journey to success.  For many of the young people involved, including those who did not end up representing the club in boxing, All Stars became something stable in their lives as well as a place to escape the negativity of life in volatile surroundings.  If you are familiar with the Harrow Road area you will know it is a place of contradictions, situated closely to an abundance of wealth yet riddled with high rates of drug-related crime, violence and gang culture.  Amongst this the All Stars stands defiant, offering the youth a safe environment where not only boxing is taught, but also the skills of discipline, respect and self-worth can be learnt to be carried on throughout life.  The profound and lasting effect All Stars has had on people is what makes it unique, more than a boxing club and a necessity in the community.

Having realised the social impact and potential of the club, we welcome our responsibilities and want to push this side of All Stars further to maximise the good we can achieve in our community.  Whether this means branching out into other sports, or including educational and vocational aspects, the All Stars will broaden its horizons so that even more of todays’ youth can become a part of our family.



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