Star Playette Portia Freno

Recently I hooked up with the one and only Portia Freno to show her some of the latest ask your girl merchandise, talk some business and do an interview for her website which has just been re launched and the design is looking hot so make sure you bookmark it!

You may of seen her in kanye west’s blog and she is the only model from the UK to have featured in the American SHOW MAGAZINE , expect alot more from this young intelligent woman

I also interviewd her for Ask your girl tv so look out for that and many other stars in the near future.


Portia knows how to drop the pink playette baseball jacket

portia-playetteStar Playette


Portia is a Certified swagger champ, ask your girl, ask your man or ask any one!


9 thoughts on “Star Playette Portia Freno

  1. Your smashing it with the ladies wear fam. I already got the mens jacket so its good to see the sexy ladies reppin the brand too.

    Keep it up,


  2. Heeeey this girl sure is beautiful I’m loving the pink one when will they be available to buy online ????

  3. The Pink playette baseball jacket is fresh! very fresh!! I see you Portia with the matching lip gloss shade and earrings!!

    Big look ….

    I think they all know by now…but if they dont…



  4. @ Incisive , the pink earings and lip gloss was by chance… i think it was a match meant to be.

    hit me up when u got that ask your girl freestyle ready fam.

    star player caj

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