Like many other people as a child  I was heavily influenced by  American films  and Music videos and it was always the COOL character who got to wear this jacket ! so these jackets are just a symbol of that.

Below you will see just some of the colours i have done. Im still working on more colours and variations in design and also the ladies version which im aiming to have out for spring 09′


One of my favourite colours, to me brown is a classy colour, shout out to bashy and ms dynamite who make it drop how its supposed to, backstage at the MTV europe awards.



Classical black worn by my brother Rod Star posing with Hip Hop Legend , Wu Tang Clan founder RZA aka Bobby Digital. Businessman/Producer/ Rapper/ Actor. Just before this picture was taken myself and RZA had a good old game of chess.

I think i lost because i was a bit star struck the fact of beating the man who is hip hop chess champion was just too good to be true! i took my mind off of the game for a split , made one stupid move and he took my castle with his bishop and the game was done.

Rza and star player


Red is one of those colours you either love or hate heres my cousin Iron “moulian” So- Low rocking the bloody red joint. Photo taken December 25th



My cousin Jhamal the Stylist barber took this photo after he had just finished Styling Johan Djourou of Arsenal Football Club. Johan is also a Swiss international and very popular in home country. He wears the Sport Grey Star player jacket with pride in this photo because he knows what being a star player really means!



Here is Bash ( again wearing the sky Blue version of the jacket at the urban music awards 2008  and i especailly put this picture up because of the “we save the children” banner.


What colour do you like best? what colours would you like to see?

Cajual Star



  1. Hey A.Y.G…..for the Women’s wear this Spring, i would like to see the colour Purple may sound biast? But that’s my fav’ colour. Are you specialising in trackies for the Ladies? let me know so i can get the hook up!! Peace & Love Soli x

  2. those jakets are lookin hard…if that was me playin chess it would have been a different story lol

  3. Absolutely love This jacket! If u had it in a dark red colour. Maybe a metallic collection 4 the ladies. I would def buy. Im sure ur ladies version will look jus as good even better. U kno what would look off the chain a swaroski diamond version 4 the star player logo. But ur doin an amazing job and the whole line is beyond expectations. I wish u all the best 4 the future and if u want any ideas 4 ladies collection BBM me. Xx

  4. You know my fav colour – Has to be a exclusive one for ComplexSimplicity, Hot Pink & Grey with Bling & Stars

    Anyway i know your doing this thing so i will await collection lol

    Also Baby Blue & Ice White, Black with Orange tubing, Again supporting the Swaroski diamond look, Navy Blue with Grey- Possibilities are endless!!


    SK Rae xx

  5. The Grey one is big – I got a blue/white one a while ago with a personalised “R” on for my name – always wanted one of these jackets and I eventually got mine sorted – was long though – getting it made and imported from US. These are big though…good look


  6. 100% behind the Ask Your Girl movement!

    This brand is SOLID!

    I can’t wait to see what’s on offer for the female’s! Make sure!! We await patiently…


  7. u no me jay..purple one plz…gurls one
    stay cool,special, gifted n YOU
    lotsa love xx p

  8. Loving the brown and Grey star player jackets. Girls will probably go for the black female version of the jacket cz u can’t go wrong with matching it with things. But brown n Grey r also colours i think will look nice. x

  9. yo jonny… loving the collection … doing really well babe … da colours dat spring to mind for the ladies collection is baby pink (typical)! lol with a pastel green…. r u finkin of doin summer jackets? if so bright colours aall the way babyyyy. bring on the oranges and yellows and defo white!! xx

  10. Great jackets! Im interested in the brown 1.. Can anyone please tell me where can I buy the brown 1 from.. Their help will be much appreciated.. Regards

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